What Fundraising Can (and Should) Learn from Sales

Want to improve your fundraising results? Learn what sales can teach you. Our Leaky Bucket research reveals key lessons nonprofit management can learn from sales management. And you don’t have to sacrifice your principles.

Another Productivity Secret: Do NOTHING

Another secret to fundraising productivity: do nothing! Overtired and overworked? Even if you can’t take two weeks off, try these ideas for mini-vacations.

Secrets to Overcoming the “Overhead Myth”

Are you still ‘buying’ the overhead-ratio myth? Even worse, are your donors or grantmakers buying it? Keeping your overhead artifically low is a route to disaster. Here are a few secrets for overcoming the Overhead Myth in your nonprofit. Adopt them and see how much more impact you can achieve.

The Secret to Retaining Donors

Donor retention rates getting you down? You’re not alone; rates have average 40% since 2005. But that also means we’re losing about half of our collective potential income if we don’t fix this problem. Here’s the secret to improving your donor retention rates.