The Leaky Bucket Fundraising Management Assessments

The Leaky Bucket Fundraising

Management Assessments

The only popular studies of fundraising-team performance. Find out where your fundraising springs a leak!

Leaky Bucket Productivity

Leaky Bucket Productivity

The Leaky Bucket Fundraising Management Assessment

Designed for individuals, the original Leaky Bucket is free. It measures nine business practices that either contribute to or detract from your fundraising productivity. It only takes about five minutes to complete. If your fundraising bucket is leaking, use this assessment to find out where! You’ll get your results right away.

The Leaky Bucket, Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is designed for teams, not individuals. It delves deeper into your organization’s fundraising practices, the ways you use technology, and your methods for managing results. Leaky Bucket Pro measures the maturity of fifteen business practices, and correlates overall scores with annual results. The Professional edition is for your entire team – the development shop, senior leaders, the governing board members, and even volunteers. Minimum participation is 25; no upward limit. We collect and analyze your data using AI. Annual subscription includes one complete refresh of your data per year.

The SMART Way™ Comprehensive Development Audit

Comprehensive development audits are the gold standard for larger or more complex development shops. We designed our audit to rely heavily on data analytics, the minimum number of personal interviews, and other automated tools, to provide deep insights at an affordable price, and with a minimum of intrusion and interruptions of your staff.

The SMART Way™ Development Audit include these options at minimum:

Leaky Bucket Professional Edition

5-year historical analysis of donor performance

Wealth screening of your entire donor database

Interviews with selected leadership, board, and current donors

Additional research may be required based on your organization’s preferences, needs and capacity.

How Leaky is YOUR Bucket?

Leaking like a sieve!

Call the productivity helpline!

Time for preventive productivity maintenance!


The Leaky Bucket Fundraising Assessment is the largest popular study of fundraising-staff capacity and readiness to provide predictable, consistent income growth. We have been collecting data for this study since 2011. The most recent benchmarking study analyzed results from 1370 respondents. Findings from this study demonstrate a clear need for improved productivity.  Download it to understand more about the importance of fundraising productivity.

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project from AFP, and Giving USA, from The Giving Institute, are are invaluable, but they do not examine fundraising team performance.  

You will only find that information here, in the Leaky Bucket Benchmarking Study, Fundraising Down the Drain.

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