Is Your Fundraising


Only 3% of nonprofits say their fundraising
bucket is NOT leaking. This is where we come in.

Is Your Fundraising


Only 3% of nonprofits say their fundraising
bucket is NOT leaking. This is where we come in.

We focus on
fundraising productivity

What it is, where you might be losing it and how to plug the leaks in your fundraising bucket

Fundraising is more than hustling campaigns, events, and other tactics like that. It's also about managing the folks doing the work. Sales teams have this concept nailed. Let's take a page from their "book" - and prosper.

What Sales Does Right - and Fundraising Can "Borrow"

Fundraising can and should learn from high-performing sales teams. Sales teams benefit from three key ideas:

1. Clear expectations. People perform better when they know what's expected.

2. Use ideal prospect profiles. Save time and get to YES faster, with more frequent success.

3. Track progress. Learn from recent success (and from where you flopped).

Where does YOUR fundraising spring a leak?

Even the best-run development shops have “leaks,” pockets of inefficiency that hold you back. You can’t manage or improve it if you can’t measure it. Learn how to measure your fundraising team's performance with the Leaky Bucket Assessments.

Fundraise SMARTer

Attract donors and other funders already predisposed to give. Make every prospect a warm lead. Clarify performance expectations. Track progress for continuous improvement. Be systematic and scientific. Learn Fundraising the SMART Way™, the science that makes the art of fundraising possible.

Find Prospects SMARTer

There's more money hidden in your donor base than you might be aware of. We can find it. We'll evaluate your current donors to give you a jump start on raising money before the end of your fiscal year.

What Leaky Bucket Research Tells Us Today

Ideal funder profiles save time and money. Do you have them? 84% percent of organizations lack them.

Make your fundraising more productive. Only 3% rank watertight. How about your organization?

Targets for funder retention make it happen. 71% have NO solid targets. How's your retention?

Targets for funder acquisition fund growth. 64% of fundraisers don't set them. Do you rely on them in your organization?

Happy funders want to contribute more. 77% of organizations lack the systems to tap into this. How effective are you at this?

What you measure is what you get. Only 63% measure total income. What do you measure?

Well-staffed shops raise more. How's your staffing? 56% have no staff or only 1 person. Can't afford to hire? Help volunteers do it right!

Good fundraising tools lock-in success. 53% lack a strategic plan and 76% lack an up-to-date case for support. How about your shop?

More fundraising sources = better sustainability. 50% of organizations are not well-balanced, relying on too few funding sources. Do you have too many eggs in too few baskets?

Great leaders welcome poor results in progress. They learn from them. But while 48% throw more special events, only 25% train and onboard staff. What do you do if your fundraising tanks?

How Leaky is YOUR Bucket?

Leaking like a sieve!

Call the productivity helpline!

Time for preventive productivity maintenance!


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