Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

"No money? No Mission!" Far too many nonprofits struggle to raise enough money to have true mission impact. We believe nonprofits improve their fundraising results by borrowing the most powerful disciplines of high-performing sales teams. Let us show you how to do it without losing the charitable heart and philanthropic soul of your nonprofit.

About Ellen Bristol

Founder Ellen Bristol launched Bristol Strategy in 1995, after a 20-year career selling mainframe computers for Fortune 50 companies. She soon fell in love with the nonprofit sector and found her mission: repurposing the disciplines of high-performing sales teams to benefit the nonprofit sector. Her major innovations include the Leaky Bucket Fundraising Assessment, the only popular long-term study of fundraising-team productivity, and Fundraising the SMART Way™, the methodology for managing nonprofit income generation on the continuous improvement model.

About Jaime Tribble Davis

Jaime Tribble Davis is an expert in prospect research. She currently serves as Director of Prospect Identification and Management at WorldVision USA. Jaime has been involved in philanthropy and advancement services since graduating from Howard University with her B.A. degree, where she took her first position as a prospect research analyst, eventually becoming the Director of Development Information.

Since leaving Howard in 2011, Jaime drove more than $300 million in philanthropic investment for Children’s National Hospital. She launched Avatar Consulting in 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, and was immediately successful. At the same time, she joined WorldVision USA in her current position, where she manages a team of four prospect-research analysts who collectively support 30 major gift officers.

In addition to her other positions, Jaime is also in charge of prospect research services for Bristol Strategy Group.

About Courtney Laddusaw

Courtney Laddusaw is our data analyst. Thanks to her we can provide you with the Leaky Bucket Professional Edition, containing far more sophisticated analytics about your fundraising team’s performance. While she is interning with us, Courtney is also completing her doctoral degree in nonprofit leadership and management from Pepperdine University while holding down a full-time job as director of development at a private school in Southern California.

Courtney Laddusaw