The Leaky Bucket Fundraising
Management Assessment

Professional Edition

Eleven years of data from the original Leaky Bucket Assessment shows that the majority of nonprofits, especially those raising less than $20 million per year, lack the management methods, practices and technologies to ensure predictable income growth.

First solution for continuous improvement of fundraising results

The Leaky Bucket Pro now assesses more aspects of your fundraising management practices and correlates those insights against the predictability of reaching your income targets year after year, creating a baseline.

If you don’t know what’s broken,you can’t fix it!

What you will learn:

How accurately can we forecast our income?

How well do we understand what motivates our best funders, and keeps them engaged?

Could we make better use of our technology?

How effectively are we supporting the work of our fundraising team, including volunteers?

What practices do we rely on to engage with, retain, and upgrade our funding sources?

What about continuous improvement

It’s one thing to know there’s a problem, but another to figure out how to fix it. That’s where Continuous Improvement comes in, the science of carefully defining the root cause of the problem, and finding the right solution.

We built the Leaky Bucket Pro on a technology platform that allows us to collect data sources other than the initial survey, to show how your results improve over time.

Figure out the solution on your own, talk to us about how we can help, or share your data with your favorite fundraising consultants.