SMART Way™ Donor Moves

The Most Productive Way to Track Progress of Your Large-Investment Fundraising

SMART Way™ Donor Moves flips your old approach to Moves Management on its head – and you benefit! Gift officers, grant writers, and corporate relations staff all benefit from the clarity of this easy-to-follow approach.

SMART Way™ Donor Moves uses Opportunity Stages that track the funder’s behavior, not the development officer’s activity. It allows you to:

Measure and manage the entire process, including all un-fulfilled opportunities regardless of type

Report on progress using statistical analysis

Create reliable income forecasts

Improve profile-to-engagement process

Attract prospects predisposed to invest

And because you can measure the progress of un-like income streams, managing the process of generating revenue becomes simpler.

Benefits of SMART Way™ Donor Moves:

Easy to track cultivation process from beginning to end

Show where and for how long an investment opportunity has stalled

Always measures the same thing the same way – regardless of source of income

Development officers know what to do next – persuade the investor to take the next move!

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