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Development Audit

A more efficient way to analyze your organization’s overall income-generating efforts, including fundraising management practices, five-year historical donor database analysis, donor database screening for giving capacity, history and likeliness to respond to your appeals. This solution is for nonprofits facing situations like these:

A more efficient way to analyze your organization’s overall

A major expansion

Launch of an initial philanthropy or major gift program

Undertaking a comprehensive or capital campaign

Considering acquiring or merging with another nonprofit

Any other reason to do a deep dive into your income-growth strategies


Access to the version of the Leaky Bucket Assessment most appropriate for your nonprofit.

Five-year historical analysis of donor performance, analyzing acquisition, retention and upgrading rates, number and effectiveness of referral sources, and other insights

Screening of your donor database for wealth, giving history, and likeliness to respond to your appeals

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A few selected interviews with senior leadership, board directors and current donors, conducted by virtual means

Deliverables and Team Debrief:

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Detailed data analytics report

Live debrief to senior leaders including development team, governing board and others as desired

Debriefing session recorded and transcribed for your future review

Written report with recommendations for improvement initiatives as appropriate

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