Fundraising the SMART Way™

The Science that Makes the Art of Fundraising Possible

Fundraising the SMART Way™
The Science that Makes the Art of Fundraising Possible

The SMART Way™ methodology includes four major components. We implement it in a series of consulting sessions including long-term implementation support. You can adopt the entire program, or just the pieces that appeal to you.

The SMART Way™ Prospect Scorecard, a powerful way to craft your ideal donor profile, identify high-potential prospects, and drive your marketing to attract more interested, motivated funding sources.

Prospect Research the SMART Way™, where we examine your donor base and uncover up to 50 current donors likely to support you at much higher levels.

SMART Way™ Donor Moves, an innovative way to track progress based on prospect behavior, not fundraising activities.

SMART Way™ Pipeline Management and Continuous Improvement, using proven disciplines from sales to forecast income, track progress-vs.-plan, and correct course.

SMART Way™ Prospect Scorecard

Ideal donor profiles ensure fundraising success. 84% of nonprofits state they don’t have one. They’re wasting time on DOAs – prospects that are dead on arrival. What you’ll learn:

Why you need one

How to build it

Understand donor's giving motivations

Improve profile-to-engagement process

Attract prospects predisposed to invest

Prospect Research the SMART Way™

What’s hiding in your donor base? We analyze it, screening current donors to identify top candidates to convert to greater giving. This three-month program helps retain and upgrade donors who already love you, in time to meet fiscal year-end targets, and prepare for better results in the next year. Deliverables include:​

Spreadsheet report of screening with summary

Analytic report showing wealth screening and giving history

Up to 50 profiles of best candidates for significant upgrades

SMART Way™ Donor Moves and Other Performance Expectations

Track fundraising progress by following the donor’s journey. This approach works for major gifts, for grants, and for major corporate sponsorship. Donor Moves are consistent from one funder to the next. Development staff always know what to work toward next. Donor Moves define Key Performance Indicators, for reporting and analysis. You will learn:

The five-stage Donor Moves model

Adding Success Targets and Timelines to create KPI’s

How and why to track performance

Setting performance expectations and KPI’s in other areas of the development shop

SMART Way™ Pipeline Management and Continuous Improvement

One of the best disciplines of high-performing sales teams. The Pipeline reports on all data from Donor Moves and other internal sources, like funder retention, segmenting of funding base, and other critical insights. Use past performance to improve future performance, using the skills of Continuous Improvement like Root-Cause Analysis. A systematic approach to continuous growth in income generation. You will learn:

Interpret progress-vs-plan reporting

Identify problem areas

Determine the root cause of undesirable results

Select improvement initiatives systematically

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