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Leaky Bucket Fundraising
Management Assessments

Examines the capacity and readiness of the fundraising team - staff, volunteers, contractors – to raise substantially more money with less effort. They pinpoint what’s working, what’s not, and what needs improvement so your nonprofit can thrive.

The Leaky Bucket Fundraising Management Assessments

What They Reveal

Make your fundraising team more productive

Guidelines, performance expectations, consistent messaging, effective reporting improve results, so you always reach or exceed fundraising targets.

Ideal funder profiles save time and money

Your team understands target audience better, gains rapport with funders sooner, stays in touch longer.

Targets for acquiring, retaining, upgrading funders make it happen

Gives team targets to shoot for and analytic data supporting continuous improvement.

Engaged staff and volunteers raise more money and stay engaged longer

Great management equals great results, reduces team-member turnover. Happy team, happy funders!

Leaky Bucket Fundraising Management Assessment, for Individuals and Small Shops

For small, grassroots and startup nonprofits with fewer than 20 participants


Measures maturity of nine business practices

Get your score immediately

Free to individuals

Optional Team Debrief

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Assess everyone on your team, up to 20 participants

We collate scores, compare to global averages

Live team debrief, recorded for future review

Get Optional Team Debrief for only


Leaky Bucket Fundraising Management Assessment, Professional Edition, for Larger Shops

For nonprofits with mature development programs, and at least 25 participants, including entire development team, senior leaders, governing board and fundraising volunteers


Measures maturity of 15 business disciplines

Analytics report includes correlations between practices and desired outcomes

AI/machine learning produces deep, actionable insights

Minimum 25 participants including volunteers; maximum 100

Fee Includes Team Debrief

Team Debrief (included)

Data visualization report summarizing overall team performance

Dashboard style with drill-down insights

Live debriefing session with senior leadership, board and others

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