Prospect Scorecard

Crafting the Ideal Donor Using Analytics

Why You Need an Ideal Donor Profile

Because working smarter, not harder, is no longer an option. There is no time to waste trying to cultivate DOA's - funders who are "dead on arrival” and lack the capacity and motivation to invest in your mission.

The SMART Way™ Prospect Scorecard

The Scorecard ranks investment prospects from A to D, based on the criteria YOU choose.

Many clients develop several Scorecards – one for major donors, one for corporate sponsors, one for grantors. You can even build separate Scorecards based for differing programs you offer. For example, some investors might love your programming for pre-schoolers, but ignore what you’re doing for young adults.

Anatomy of the SMART Way™ Prospect Scorecard

Your Nonprofit’s Value Proposition. What do you offer that attracts and motivates prospective investors?

Giving Motivations of Your Favorite Funders. Do you know why support you?

Exchange of Value. How does your value proposition connect with your best donors’ giving motivations?

Facts and Demographics. What’s characteristic of the investors you’re most likely to acquire and retain?

Danger Signs. What undesirable characteristics should you avoid?

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